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Patrick Haas


Pronouns: He, Him, His


Patrick is a Huntsville Alabama native. He has been with his partner Corey for five wonderful years, and they have a dachshund named Denver. Patrick joined the Board because of his desire to be a voice for change in his community. Patrick’s background is in the allied healthcare field and has worked as a Massage Therapy Instructor and Clinical Coordinator with Virginia College for 7 years. He has also worked as a licensed massage therapist in Huntsville for 10 years. Patrick is currently working in the property management field and has experience with both Military and Conventional housing properties. Patrick started in property management in 2012 and has experience with developing annual budgets and forecasting and implementing capital repair and replacement out year planning for both large and small scale contracts. 


Other Activities: Patrick is a video game enthusiast, aromatherapy advocate, and animal lover. He is also a martial arts enthusiast, and earned his black belt with Alexander’s Martial Arts. Patrick is a lover of performing arts, and is also the drag daughter of Kinsey Malone. Patrick performs under the name of Bree Sparkel Malone.

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