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Lori R. Ellison

Assistant Director

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers


Lori R. Ellison is a queer femme identified native of North Alabama, although she has spent the better part of 14 years living in South Carolina, Illinois, and Maine. She currently resides in metro Huntsville because she always finds her way back home.

Lori shares her life with her wife, Rachel. They met in 2012, married in 2017, and never stop finding adventures. Lori has spent two decades as a mother to two children, Andrew and Regan. Her parenting philosophy has been to create humans who recognize their value and make choices with the best possible consequences for themselves and humanity.  Together, they live with their dogs and a few other random pets. Lori is known as “Lola” to her one perfect grandson, Dmitri. (Because she’s way too young and adorable to be anyone’s Meemaw.)

Lori joins the RCP Board in 2020 with a passion for community, visibility, and inclusion. Huntsville is her home and she is so proud of how diverse and progressive it has become. She calls Huntsville the “Oasis of Alabama”. Her passion for the LGBTQ+ community is rooted in her own queerness and the celebration of recognizing her fiber in the bigger tapestry. Her dream is to see Huntsville as an LGBTQ+ destination and a city known for its inclusion. 

Lori is a lover of food/wine, waterfalls, Lionel Richie, travel, music, and tv. She plays trivia regularly and can often be found laughing somewhere in one of the city’s hotspots with a local beer or coffee in hand. 

Professionally, Lori works in a telehealth organization as the manager of operations. She has served as the diversity and inclusion officer for several years and developed an LGBTQ+ sensitivity training with a focus on trans* issues. She has served the local LGBTQ+ community as the captain of a bowling league and the organizer of the social club. She currently volunteers as a mentor for a local youth group. 

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