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JQ Kirkland

Chair of Operations

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers


JQ Kirkland is the Chair of Operations of Tennessee Valley Rocket City Pride. JQ Kirkland has been in the Huntsville area for 30 years. She has been with her wife Barbara Sue for two amazing years and they have a 9 y/o son named Ryland, who keeps them on their toes, a 6 y/o fur son named Branson that has to go everywhere they go, and an English Angora Rabbit named Dumbledore, who has the sweetest bunny nose ever. JQ joined the Board because she wanted to not only see the changes within her community but to also be a part of the changes. JQ has worked with agencies in the community that is known to help the LGBTQ+ community. JQ is co-founder of Community Awareness Reaches Equality Services, LLC. dba. C.A.R.E. Services which provides Youth Peer Support Groups for ages 14-18. Her “go getter” attitude is an especially valuable talent when keeping the gears spinning for the organization. With C.A.R.E. Services in three Alabama cities JQ stays busy coordinating over 50 volunteers, volunteer process and procedures, communication, and training.  She travels all over the state working with Youth Groups, Transgender Groups, and community events. JQ is also Co-Founder of Bay Pride, in Panama City, FL. She was Director of their Board in 2018 until moving back to North Alabama in 2019. JQ still volunteers and travels to Panama City for their Pride events and enjoys watching them grow into a well-established organization. JQ’s passion for LGBTQ advocacy, youth assistance, and the operational development of Rocket City Pride helps to ensure she supports the community in all ways possible.


JQ has an Associates Degree in Psychology and is working on bachelor’s degree in Juvenile Justice and Behavioral Science. She is looking into taking some courses in Non-Profit Management. Her experience from her childhood and seeing what other kids have gone through pushes her to try to better herself so she can be there for others that need her.


JQ enjoys spending quality time with her family and her friends that she looks at as family. She enjoys bonfires, swimming, cutting grass (don’t judge her), playing ball with her son, and basically anything that gives her the excuse to spend time with her family/friends.

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