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Brandon Edwards


Pronouns: He, Him, His


Brandon O. Edwards is a native of Alabaster, AL by way of Huntsville, AL. After graduating Thompson High School, he decided to put his creative mind to use by pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the elite Alabama A&M University. Post-graduation, in 2016, Brandon began working at the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic in Nashville, TN. There, he found his love for the help that is needed for our fellow brothers and sisters that are living with HIV/AIDS.


In 2018, Brandon decided to move back home to Huntsville, AL and work for Thrive Alabama as the Community Liaison for the Behavioral Health department. In this role he worked alongside other community partners to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS through substance abuse. Brandon has recently accepted a new role within the company as an Outreach Specialist for the Health Education Department. Where he will be able to shine by using his creative mind to find innovative ways to reach out to the North Alabama community and help educate them about HIV/AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted Infections, The LGBTQ+ Community, and how to be a leader in the community. He is very excited to spread his creative wings, provide education to the community, and advocate for public health. Because of this love for public health, he has decided to pursue his Master’s degree in Public Health Education and Promotion.


Brandon’s extracurricular activities include event coordinating through his business, O’Kief Productions. He strives to be involved in the community and dedicates his life’s work to giving back to the community that is so near and dear to his heart.

Brandon is affiliated with Common Ground, an LGBTQ+ group on the campus of AAMU. This is a group where the minority LGBTQ+ college student can have a safe space and know that they matter. As he sits in the Director’s seat of Rocket City Pride, his main purpose is to bring visibility and inclusion not only the Tennessee Valley, but also to the LBGTQ+ Community in the Tennessee Valley.

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