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Community OUT Awards Gala

The OUT Gala is an awards gala recognizing the people, groups, and not for profit organizations in the community for their hard work and dedication to make Rocket City Pride successful and feel appreciated. We also want to shine light on an LGBTQ+ high school scholar, awarding a student the Rocket City Pride Scholarship. A portion of the proceeds will go to this scholarship fund to continue the education of our youth.

Little Ms./Mr/ Rocket City Pride

We are proud to introduce this annual pageant to recognize the impact our youth have within our communities. We aspire to provide them a space where they are able to express themselves however they feel comfortable. A portion of the proceeds will go toward our Rocket City Pride Scholarship Fund, another inaugural honor for our local LGBTQ+ Youth.

Miss Rocket City Pride Pageant

This pageant has been, and continues to be, a tradition within our community. The honor is bestowed to one outstanding performer in our local drag scene. Drag has become an integral part of Huntsville’s entertainment scene, reaching members of the community we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. The reigning Queen represents RCP in many community events and sponsors charitable events throughout the year.

Rocket City Pride's Ball

The hit show Pose has inspired us to bring the Ballroom Culture to the Rocket City. The series offers us a journey through the ballroom culture of the 80s and 90s, specifically through the lens of the African American and Latinx LGBTQ+ and gender nonconforming community of the time. The show has inspired many from the sexual and gender minority communities to explore the art form with confidence and celebrate the historical significance. RCP wishes to afford that opportunity to the folks of the Rocket City.

Pride Parade



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